Step by step instructions to expel and deactivate a gadget from your McAfee account

At the time of purchasing the product online, Mcafee will send you a unique license code which you have to enter in to activate the product. When the downloading process starts, mcafee asks you to redeem the 25-digit key code or a licensed key code, to subscribe the product for the desired chosen years.

 A case of a few enrolled gadgets is appeared here :

At the point when you uninstall your McAfee programming from a gadget, likewise expel the gadget from My Account.

The expulsion steps are diverse for various kinds of gadgets. To figure out how to expel a gadget from My Account, grow the important area beneath :

How to evacuate a PC or Mac

Pursue these means to expel a PC or Mac from your record :

  1. Contact Technical Support.
  2. Tell the operator that you need to expel a PC or Mac from your record.
  3. Provide the operator with:
  • The email address for your McAfee account
  • The name of the PC or Mac that you need to expel
  • Whatever other data that they demand

Trust that the PC or Mac will be expelled from your record.

How to evacuate a cell phone

Utilize the accompanying strides to totally evacuate and deactivate a cell phone (iOS, or Android), from your McAfee account :

Significant : After you play out these means, your own information, including any reinforcements of your cell phone information, is expelled from your McAfee account, and can’t be recouped.

  • Click My Account.
  •  Click Sign In.
  •  Type in :
  •  The email address for your McAfee account.
  •  The secret key for your McAfee account.
  • Click Log in.
  • Click the gadget that you need to deactivate or evacuate.
  • Click Transfer, evacuate, or reinstall.
  • Click Remove.

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